For the months of June through August we are open Tuesday-Sunday from 10am – 5pm (site closes at 6pm)!

During the months of May and September, we are open Saturdays and Sundays and holidays only.

For parties of less than 20 people, no pre-booked reservation is required. You can simply show up and pay General Admission at our Gate.

We do, however, recommend booking a reservation for all groups of 20 or more and we are currently accepting group reservations for our 2020 season.

Limited General Admission Days

On some days we have a lot of group reservations and we know that we’re going to be extra busy on those days. Or its just a really nice day and everyone wants to be here, taking us by surprise! Sometimes we need to close and/or slow down general admission for a few hours while we wait for parking spots to open up again. During this time you are welcome to queue up at the gate to wait for the next available parking spot to open up if we have room in our driveway. On days that our parking lot does fill up, it will happen sometime in the afternoon, so we always recommend coming in the morning or close to when we open at 10am on those days to make sure you can get a parking spot! Its usually only a handful of days each season, but we’ve indicated which days we expect to have limited general admission below so you can have a heads up:

As a general rule:

Memorial Day (May), Father’s Day (June),

Independence Day (July) and Labor Day (September)

are all days when we often have limited general admission

Also for 2020, possibly:


Partial & Full Site Private Party Buy-Outs ~ 2020 Calendar of Bookings

Currently we have the following scheduled site closures, black-out or private party buy-out dates: (no dates currently on the books). All other 2020 dates are currently open for General Admission, Member Admission and for group bookings. Please also check our Morton’s Facebook Page for schedule updates.

We will be closed to the public on:

~ No dates currently on the books ~

Youth & School Groups ~ 2020 Calendar of Bookings

For over 70 years, Morton’s has been a place where generations of kids have come to swim, play and connect with nature. Youth camps and school groups getting to come and enjoy our geothermal mineral pools and grounds is one of the ways Morton’s serves local communities and maintains a stable income on weekdays during our short summer season.

But even with all these wonderful advantages of having larger youth groups and camps visit us, many Morton’s guests prefer the quieter, sanctuary experience that Morton’s creekside pools and extensive grounds naturally has to offer. If you’re wanting to know when youth and school group bookings will be at Morton’s so you can plan you or your family’s visit around these times, below is the current schedule for all youth group bookings of 20 or more. (Download a PDF copy of this Kid’s Schedule below)

The site and pools are fully open to the public during all kid’s group bookings, we just know that some people like to schedule
their visits around them!

Private Party and Kids Groups Schedule – August 2019 – PDF DOWNLOAD

Open to the General Public (Pools Close at 5 pm)

Cafe 108° is open Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays (on days Morton’s is open, see below)

May Opening Day: May 3, 2020

Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays Only

Pool Hours: 10am to 5pm
(Site closes at 6pm)
June, July & August Tuesday through Sunday Pool Hours: 10am to 5pm
(Site closes at 6pm)
September Closing Day: September 27, 2020

Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays Only

Pool Hours: 10am to 5pm
(Site closes at 6pm)
School & Youth Group Reservations: May through September
Schools may make reservations for dates during the week, Tuesday through Friday, from May through September. Visit our reservations page for more info.