Cafe 108° is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and on holidays!

Our organic Cafe 108° is up and running again for 2018! With a passion “to nourish and delight bodies big and small with honest food, direct from Sonoma’s sun and soil,” we’re off to a steady start with some delicious drinks and limited food offerings. We currently have a full line of espresso bar drinks made with Taylor Maid coffee and Straus Family Creamery. Back again is our housemade organic Myer Lemonade, Yunnan Black Silk Road Ice Tea, and our refreshing Sparkling Mineral Water straight from our source!

Currently our food offerings include our hearty hot dogs from Petaluma’s Thistle Meats served on milk hoagies from Village Bakery with homemade pickles & kraut. Also back this year is our popular Grilled Cheese Sammie made with two kinds of cheeses from Sonoma’s Vella Cheese Company, a Mezzo Seco dry jack and a sharp white cheddar, melted on rustic country bread and served with a baby gem side salad. We’re also serving a fresh entrée sized seasonal salad, as well as our grilled NB&J’s (Nut Butter & Jams! -made with either organic peanut or sunflower seed butter). And there’s no forgetting the now famous Straus soft-serve ice cream, of course, with toppings du jour!
What would you most like to see offered in our Cafe? We welcome your ideas!