We are now accepting group reservations for our summer 2024 season!

CONTACT US by phone, email or in person to inquire about availability and learn more about our community- and family-centered  venue surrounded by old growth oaks and the beauty of the Sonoma Creek Watershed. For your event we offer a reserved group area for the day that includes…
dedicated picnic tables
at least one large charcoal BBQ
a work table with running water

Also, included is free parking, access to our geothermal mineral pools, bathrooms with warm showers, lawn games, and the creek and all the beautiful vistas of the surrounding area. The temperature on all three pools range from 84° F to 94° F, depending on weather (we shoot for cooler on hot days and warmer on cooler days).

With advanced coordination we can arrange service from our delicious organic, farm-to-table, locally sourced Café 108º or your guests can simply enjoy its “honest food, direct from Sonoma’s sun and soil” on a cash basis. We happily welcome caterers to service your event.
We look forward to hosting your event this glorious season!
Please contact us for pricing. Also, please note that our group reservations are at a premium rather than a discount because we are not looking to maximize attendance. Instead, we are seeking to give everyone the best experience we can while also staying economically accessible to as many folks as possible. We do this by limiting the number of people on site at one time to make sure we are never crowded and everyone has a great experience no matter what day they come. And the group premium is used to help make below cost ticket options available for those who are economically disadvantaged and wouldn’t be able to access the springs without them. Thank you for doing your part in helping us provide the best and most accessible experience we can for all.
School & Youth Group Reservations with more than 30 kids (and not accompanied by most parents) are booked for weekdays in May and September only.

Picnic Areas Map