We are not yet decided on how group reservations of picnic areas will work for the 2022 season. Please check back in early spring.

We did not accept group reservations for specific picnic sites for our 2021 season in order to prevent over-crowding in our pools (you’ll love having more space to swim and less people means the water looks better than ever too!). While the state has now lifted capacity restrictions as of June 15th, we’re continuing to take a conservative approach where the most people can still feel safe and relax in our waters. It also allows us to pivot more easily if things close down again later in the summer.

All of that being said, you’re still welcome to organize your own small gathering of no more than 20-30 people. Even though we aren’t saving tables for groups this summer, you may want to send some people early to find a good spot for your group. But with so many fewer groups, there’s always plenty of tables and grills to go around. Also, the upside of our new online reservation system is that you can easily make sure that you’ll be able to enter on the day you want to come and also you can pay for other’s tickets ahead of time quite easily as well if you’re planning a small gathering. We hope to be able to accept group reservations again in 2022.


Open to the General Public (Pools Close at 5 pm)
May Opening Day: May 1, 2022 Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays Only Pool Hours: 10am to 5pm (Site closes at 6pm)
June, July & August Tuesday through Sunday Pool Hours: 10am to 5pm (Site closes at 6pm)
September Closing Day: September 25, 2022 Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays Only Pool Hours: 10am to 5pm (Site closes at 6pm)
School & Youth Group Reservations: May through September (starting again in 2022). They may book dates during the week, Tuesday through Friday, even in May and September.