Morton’s Warm Springs offers a limited number of Season Passes for those who would like to enjoy the convenience, simplicity and savings of unlimited visits all summer! All Season Passes are ANNUAL and auto-renewed on the renewal anniversary each year. We accept Season Pass applications year-round, but if and when they become sold out, a waitlist will begin for when one becomes available (limiting the number of Season Passes is based on our commitment to never overcrowd our limited-size facility, the length of our season, and ensuring Season Passholders guaranteed access without a reservation).

We’re accepting

Season Pass


for 2024!

Photo: Rachael Hairston 2021

What’s New In 2024

NEW for 2024: Guaranteed access for all Season Passholders WITHOUT A RESERVATION (even after we have sold out for General Admission)!

One of the most important changes we’re making for Season Passholders has to do with our reservation system. You asked and we heard and we’ve decided that this year… we will not require any reservations at all for our Season Passholders!! As a Season Passholder, feel free to come anytime we are open and enjoy just pulling up to the gate without a reservation and we’ll check you in, even if General Admission is sold out and as we continue to limit overall day passes so it’s never too crowded. All that we ask is… please have your valid Season Pass card handy to show us at every visit and please have patience with the gate to allow them to go through the names of each in the car to confirm everyone is named on the card and it has not expired. We hope this will help us to get to know you all even better!

Also, just a reminder — in 2023, we took what were formerly “memberships” and split them up into two different things–Season Passes and our new Sustainer Circle–both of which you can now mix and match according to needs and preferences. Season Passes are similar to our former memberships, but without extra frills or perks; they are simply bundled admissions packages for those wanting to come a lot, and possibly save a bit of money, too. Season Passes will still be renewable annually, but we have capped the total number of them to create a balance with General Admission and ensure both that the pools will never be overcrowded and that all our Season Passholders can depend on the convenience of guaranteed access now without a reservation.

Season Passes can be stand-alone or combined with joining our Sustainer Circle. While being a part of our esteemed Sustainer Circle is separate from admissions, many of the extras or perks that were formerly a part of our classic memberships (such as weekend evening swim hours, guest passes, cafe discounts, etc.) are now part of our annual thank you to our Sustainer Circle members (see our Support the Springs page for more info).

Purchasing your annual Season Pass now, and helping us to spread the word about Morton’s, is one of the best ways you can support this local treasure while locking in a summertime of fun. Our Season Passholders are a treasured part of our Morton’s community and becoming a one also helps us support the continuation of our revitalization efforts here at the Springs!

Check out the Season Pass details below, or email and ask us about becoming a Season Passholder today. You can mail in your application, bring it in person, or scan and email it to Once we receive payment by credit card over the phone or in person, your Season Pass is active. All Season Passes are ANNUAL and auto-renewed on the renewal date each year. That means that Season Passes are valid from whichever date you purchased it on all the way up until it auto-renews on that very same day next year.



(see Application for full list)

  1. There are a limited number of Season Passes available each year (due to our limited-sized facilities and commitment to not overcrowding) and once they are sold out, they are sold out. If someone has an annual Season Pass and it is canceled before it auto-renews, it is available to be purchased by someone else.
  2. Entry is good for any day that Morton’s is open to the public during regular business hours (the average is around 98 days per year).
  3. In May & September Morton’s is open Saturdays, Sundays & holidays ONLY (~2 days/week), and in June, July & August we are open Tuesdays-Sundays (6 days/week).
  4. Access is always guaranteed without a reservation (except on rare dates when we have a full site rental, as noted on the Calendar page of the website)
  5. Full payment (non-refundable) is due with Application.
  6. Season Passes auto-renew by credit card on an annual basis unless cancelled with a minimum of 30 days notice.
  7. Only those listed on the Season Pass may use the card for entry(non-swappable, non-transferable)
  8. Season Passes can be given as gifts!


* Pricing subject to change for 2025 Season. Sign up today and lock in the following pricing

SOLO$400 – 1 HUMAN            

DUET$600 – 2 HUMANS          

FAMILY$600 – 2 ADULTS (+ add-on kids & adults)

+ $100 / KID (ages 3-17) – maximum 4 total per family pass

+ $200 / ADDITIONAL ADULT (ages 18+) – maximum 4 total per family pass

All Season Passholders receive:

Unlimited seasonal use of pools for recreational swimming and therapeutic soaking, unreserved picnic/barbecue areas, and general parking on any day the Springs are open to the public during the guest season, May to September. Any Passholder Kids under age 16 must be accompanied at all times by either a Season Passholder or non-passholder parent/guardian Adult.

SOLO Season Pass
• For one (1) person, any age.

DUET Season Pass
• For any two (2) people, all age combinations.
• Ideal for couples, parent/child or best friend duos.

FAMILY Season Pass
•  Base includes any two (2) Adults (aged 18 and up).
• You may ADD up to four (4) Kids (aged 3-17) for an additional $100 each (max four total (4) Kids).
• You may ADD up to two (2) more Adults for an additional $200 each (max four total (4) Adults).
Family Season Passholders do not have to be related in any particular way.

Photo: Rachael Hairston 2021