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Email your 1) cover letter; 2) resume; AND 3) contact information for three references to: Include the position name you are applying for in the subject line of the email (e.g “Jane Sanchez – Applying for Cafe Assistant Manager”).

Resumes without cover letters & references, or ones sent only as incomplete applications via social media/Indeed, will not be considered! Cover letters need only be a simple email introducing yourself and telling us why you’d like to work here, how you think you might be a good fit, and your general background, skills & availability. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with our website here first!

All of our positions are generally seasonal and part-time unless otherwise noted. Most also usually require at least one weekend day per week. We prioritize hiring those who can commit to our entire guest season from May through September, most especially the high-season of June, July & August.

Also, because our small seasonal operation is so powerfully supported with a nimble, cross-trained crew (where staff are versatile across two or more roles), we prioritize hiring those who would enjoy and welcome serving in multiple spheres (e.g. Cafe & Gate, or Lifeguardian & Gate). This also keeps the work more fun and interesting for everyone while connecting us better as an entire team– a true win-win! That said, some specialty and/or assistant management-level positions are possible outside of these aforementioned parameters (e.g. within a single sphere, with limited availability, etc.) so please do still reach out if interested with questions.

:: We are a true community space committed to creating safety and welcoming for all beings. We’re dedicated to creating and supporting equal opportunities for all qualified individuals and encourage people of all races, orientations and creeds to apply, especially those traditionally and systemically marginalized by our dominant culture. We are actively seeking to increase the resiliency, wisdom and diversity of our awesome team by hiring more black, brown, indigenous and people of color, LGBTQI and all gender identities. ::

Current Open Positions at Morton’s Warm Springs:




Join the 2023 Lifeguardian Team at the Springs
Morton’s Warm Springs is hiring a few select people to join our amazing Lifeguardian team this year. We invite those aged 15-20 to apply for our Junior Lifeguardian position and those 21+ to apply for our regular Lifeguardian position.

These are, hands down, the best lifeguarding positions available anywhere in the county, and we guarantee that we’re the highest paying as well! Part-time positions are available for the duration of our guest season (May through September), and select full-time positions are available during the months of June, July & August. Those applying for the regular Lifeguardian position who can work the whole season, including May & Sept have priority on shifts. Junior Lifeguardian is more flexible with school schedules. (If desired, qualified applicants may also apply to work additional shifts as part of our Cafe and Gate Guardian teams as well.) 

If you are a strong swimmer but not yet lifeguard certified, WE WILL PAY YOUR CERTIFICATION covering each successfully completed season with us! Attending and passing a certification training, or having a previous valid certification, is a requirement for this position and for certification reimbursement. IMPORTANT NOTE: For 2023, we will not be hosting our usual LG Certification courses at Morton’s due to the pool refurbishment work that is happening this year!

Check current local SF Bay Area & local North Bay Area Red Cross certification class availabilities at: AND/OR at: Finley Aquatic Center, Santa Rosa, CA.

::: Courses are FILLING UP FAST. Be sure to register soon! :::
Occidental, CA (CYO Camp)   |   MAY 12, 13 & 14, 2023
Fri: 4-8pm & Sat-Sun: 9-6pm  | Self-paced ONLINE (7 hrs) + 3 days CLASSROOM
For more info/to register CLICK HERE
Occidental, CA (CYO Camp)   |   MAY 26, 27 & 28, 2023
Fri: 4-8pm & Sat-Sun: 9-6pm  | Self-paced ONLINE (7 hrs) + 3 days CLASSROOM
For more info/to register CLICK HERE
San Rafael, CA (Marin Co.)   |   MAY 26, 27 & 28, 2023
Fri: 4:30-9pm & Sat-Sun: 8:30-5:30pm  | Self-paced ONLINE (7 hrs) + 3 days CLASSROOM
For more info/to register CLICK HERE
Santa Rosa, CA (Finley Aquatic Center)   |   JUNE 2, 3, 4, 10 & 11, 2023
Fri: 5-9pm + Sat-Sun: 8:30-12:30pm  |  Self-paced ONLINE (7 hrs) + 3 days CLASSROOM
For more info/to register CLICK HERE
::: These shorter review courses are ONLY for those needing recertification! :::
Santa Rosa, CA (Finley Aquatic Center)   |   MAY 20 & 21, 2023
(3 SPOTS LEFT AS OF 5/9!!)
12-5pm Sat & Sun  |  Self-paced ONLINE (5-7 hrs) + 2 days CLASSROOM
For more info/to register CLICK HERE

Why A “Lifeguardian?”
Being a part of the Lifeguardian team here at the Springs is very different from having a typical “lifeguard job.” We are seeking a few select, mature, dedicated people who embody our larger stewardship vision and who can partner with us in our work revitalizing the culture and experience at these Springs. Our Lifeguardians protect and advocate for the safety and wellbeing of all who come here and set foot in these waters; they share a deep love of natural geothermal springs, habitat and ecosystems and feel a call to protect them; they are service-oriented and apply their strong skills of communication and cultural literacy in the art of inviting all our guests into a deeper and more caring relationship with our mineral springs, our grounds, each other, and our own bodies and health. Lifeguardians enjoy the meditative and aware state it takes to watch the water well, and invite guests into more mindful awareness of their surroundings as well. And as our first line of emergency response, a Lifeguardian is also highly trained to both prevent incidents and, if ever needed, to respond immediately and effectively with lifesaving interventions in a chain of care.


  • A strong swimmer who loves working outside
  • Outgoing and service-oriented with rockstar communication skills
  • Loves taking the initiative AND good with follow-through & consistency
  • Highly responsible and can take charge in a high-pressure situation when needed
  • A passionate advocate for protecting natural ecosystems/habitat/health
  • Curious, open-minded and appreciative of both giving & receiving feedback & ideas
  • Team-oriented yet comfortable working solo and “owning the pool deck” on your own

Being a part of our Lifeguardian team also means learning basic operations of the Springs systems, working on creative projects to improve guest and staff experience, attending monthly drills & skills meetings, practicing self-organizing leadership and participatory decision-making. Those who prove to be a great match with our team and who share deep alignment with our long-term revitalization vision and efforts will have the opportunity to continue on with us year after year and to codevelop their own custom role position within the organization based on their interests and aptitudes.

Our Lifeguardian team really sets the tone on the deck every day. And because they’re so central to our guest experience and to ensuring both our natural and human environments remain safe and healthy for all to enjoy, we offer competitive pay, reimbursement on certification, paid trainings and extra perks that are amazing!

Compensation for Junior Lifeguardian is $20-22/hour DOE, plus great perks* and tip pool share. The regular Lifeguardian position for ages 21+ pays $23-25/hr DOE. Additionally, we’ll cover training costs! For each guest season that our Lifeguardians complete with us in good standing, we reimburse for half of the 2-Year Red Cross lifeguard certification or renewal fees. *PERKS: In addition to pay and tips, every current staff member enjoys a complimentary Season Pass, as well as one complimentary shift meal and drinks for each workday worked whenever the cafe is open.

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For this Facilities Technician position we are looking for someone who may be able to start right away, but as we have some facilities coverage already, these positions may not fill until we find just the right folks. If you see this position still listed, that means we are still looking!

We are seeking a Facilities Technician at the Springs. Our ideal Facilities Tech person would be someone who is interested in the potential of future year-round stewardship here at the Springs. For example, if after an initial 1 year trial period a deeper relationship is mutually desired, the Facilities Tech may be invited into either a residential seasonal stewardship position (April-October only), or into a residential year-round stewardship position, the latter of which includes playing a role in off-season business planning, projects, community building, and co-evolving our broader vision and mission.

Job Summary
The Facilities Technician helps to guide and implement all aspects of maintaining, repairing and improving the facilities on the land, and has a close working relationship with Morton’s staff, the Core Team and Stewards ring. The required hours for this role will shift according to the season and the needs of the land and springs, but it is expected to flex between periods of part-time (7-14 hrs/wk) to full-time (32 hrs/wk).

Our Facilities Technicians are people with building, carpentry/woodworking, plumbing, electrical and/or signifiant facilities maintenance experience, and who are ready to ply their trade on a team working to bring our aging facilities up to a new level of beauty and functionality. We’re looking for someone who enjoys the quality and creative details of their craft, while feeling adept at setting/working within a budget and coordinating necessary improvements, permitting and inspections. The right fit for this role is someone who also loves frequently working with and guiding a team of volunteers (both skilled and unskilled) to co-create a fun, can-do project atmosphere.

For this position you must be a self-starter committed to healthy communication and team-building and always looking for ways to improve our guests’ experience. Also, being committed to co-creating legacy-quality built environments that interact with the natural ecology we are embedded in is critical. Some other plusses include being a proponent for green building practices, creative repurposing and creating low-to-net zero energy environments; a strong supporter of the DIY movement; and excited to connect and build relationships with both local suppliers and our Sonoma County Planning & Resource Management Department (PRMD). Some interest or expertise in landscape, permaculture, grounds, gardening, and/or forest management is a plus but not necessary.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Co-managing and coordinating all aspects of maintaining, repairing and improving the Springs facilities
  • Inspects and coordinates repairs/scheduled maintenance for all buildings, built spaces and equipment
  • Managing and coordinating all facilities improvement projects
  • Co-managing on-site workshops and supplies, and local supplier relationships
  • Co-managing the Facilities Budget
  • Coordinating and supporting staff and volunteers using self-management practices
  • Working as a liaison between the Facilities and Springs Systems teams, the Community, and the County PRMD (as needed)
  • Coordinating facilities needs for programs and public rentals when appropriate
  • Assisting and working at annual Morton’s socials and events
  • Participating in community and Morton’s staff meetings and serving on appropriate advisory committees

Required Qualifications

  • At least two (2) years of experience working in construction, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, or a similar applied trade
  • Familiarity with & capacity to adhere to the rules & regulations of county health, fire, building & planning departments
  • Experience or enthusiasm to work with paid subcontractors and coordinating/educating volunteers
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Passion for quality craftsmanship, green building, creative re-use/repurposing and low-to-net zero energy environments
  • Confidence to be self-motivated and self-managing and have the ability to work both independently and collectively
  • Ability to lift 40+ pounds and good CA DMV record
  • Proficient record-keeping skills with email & computer literacy (Word, Excel, and Google Docs)
  • Have enthusiasm for our greater mission and service work to create wellbeing and build just and sustainable communities
  • Availability between: April 30th – October 31st, 2023, flexibly 7-32 hours/week and including some weekends

Hourly pay is DOE, ranging $20-$30, plus great perks. There may be optional enrichment opportunities in the form of workshops and/or trainings that are open for staff participation as well. *PERKS: In addition to pay and tips, every current staff member enjoys a complimentary Season Pass, as well as one complimentary shift meal and drinks for each workday whenever the cafe is open.

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