General Admission:

Adults (ages 18-64): $15*
Kids (ages 3-12): $8*
Teens (ages 13-17): $12*
Elders (ages 65+): $12*
Infants (2 & under): FREE with a swim diaper

All Parking: FREE

*A $0.25-$1.01 fee is added to each ticket sold at the gate (paying with cash generates the lowest fee of only $0.25 per ticket) and a $1.53-$1.88 fee is added to each ticket sold online in order to cover the cost of our new reservation system we’re using to meet COVID-19 requirements

MEMBERS: Use the Reservations button over on the Memberships page to book your visits.

::: Check out our Memberships for Member admission prices, hours and perks! :::

Reservations & Safe Visits:

We’re doing our part to limit our numbers and support social distancing during these COVID-19 times. In order to offer safe & equitable pool access to the most number of visitors, we’re restricting our overall site capacity on weekends to 40% and capping the pool area at 50% of normal. For weekdays (Tuesdays-Fridays only) as there are much fewer visitors, we’re able to cap site capacity at 25% and pool capacity at 50%, allowing weekday visitors to enjoy longer pool access times. 

On weekends (Saturdays & Sundays) there are now three (3) Pool Access Time slots, and on weekdays (Tuesdays – Fridays) there are now two (2) Pool Access Time slots. Pool lounge chairs and all picnic tables are spaced 6 feet apart, and we are also not accepting group reservations for the duration of the pandemic. See below to read more about our COVID-19 Social Contract shared by staff and guests alike.

As a result, reservations are now required for every visit, even if you don’t plan to swimReservations are available both here online and also at the gate on a first-come, first-served basis until fully booked. Reservations are not needed for infants and toddlers (2 years old & under) because they are always free of charge, provided that they have a swim diaper on while in the pool area at all times. (Swim diapers are available for sale at the gate if needed.)

Your GENERAL ADMISSION Entry reservation grants two things: 

  1. Access to the site for the day, 10am – 5pm (site closes at 6pm)
  2. A time slot for pool access

On the date of your reservation, you may arrive and depart at any time during our regular hours of operation: 10am – 6pm, but you may only be in the pool area or swimming during the time slot you reserved with your ticket. Remember to allow yourself time to clean up so you can be fully offsite with time to spare BEFORE the grounds close at 6pm.

Pool Access Time Slots:

Only ONE Pool Access Time Slot allowed per person per day (not including Group M: MEMBERS ONLY Hours, 5:30-7pm Sat/Sun/Holiday).

Please take special note of the pool access time you select as that is the ONLY time you may access the pool area during the day. Use of your pool access time slot is optional but also non-transferable. You will not have access to the pools at any other time, even if it’s not busy.(Exception: Members are allowed to combine Group M bookings with a Group A,B, or C booking of the same day.)

 Tue-Fri (Jun-Aug)Sat/Sun/Holidays (May-Sep)
Group A10am – 1:30pm10am – 12pm
Group B2pm – 5pm12:30pm – 2:30pm
Group C 3pm – 5pm
Group M 5:30pm – 7pm (MEMBERS ONLY)

Group Reservations:

We are temporarily unable to accept group reservations for our 2021 season because of health department restrictions related to COVID-19. While the state has released guidance as of the beginning of April 2021 that outdoor gatherings of 25 in red tier, 50 in orange tier and 100 in yellow tier are now allowed, our site is still severely limited by the number of people who can socially distance in the pool and vicinity, even with our new pool access time slots. And while we’ve distanced the picnic tables and lounge chairs 6 feet apart from each other, you’re still welcome to organize your own small gathering. Even though we can’t really save tables for you right now, you may want to send some people early to find a good spot for your group. And the upside of our new reservation system is that you can easily make sure that you’ll be able to enter on the day you want to come and also you can pay for other’s tickets ahead of time quite easily as well if you’re planning a small, socially distant gathering. We hope to be able to accept group reservations again in 2022.

Guest Policies:

All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or adult!

  • Bathing suits are required in the pools at all times
  • No street clothes or cut-offs allowed in our mineral pools (the detergents and fibers clog our filters and negatively impact our sensitive creek habitat)
  • EVERYONE MUST SHOWER before entering our mineral pools
  • SUNSCREEN MUST BE ALLOWED TO DRY 15+ MINUTES before entering the water and please minimize the amount applied
  • No suntan oil or other skin products other than sunscreen (lotions, etc.) allowed in the water
  • NO FOOD, DRINKS OR GLASS are allowed within the gated Pool Area (water only in non-glass containers).
  • No water balloons allowed anywhere on property, and no water guns in the Pool Area
  • No piñatas or items such as glitter that leave micro-trash
  • NO SOUND SYSTEMS OF ANY KIND OR SIZE are allowed anywhere on property
    (we have some available for purchase at the gate and at the cafe)
  • No smoking anywhere on site except in the parking lot or outside the gate

Dogs & Pet Policy:

Our furry, four-legged companions are indeed welcomed here at Morton’s! However, as per health code, dogs (or any pets) are not allowed within the gated Pool Area unless they are a service dog trained in specific tasks that assist someone with a disability.

Also, all pets on property must never be left unattended in a vehicle, they must be immediately cleaned up after, they cannot be a nuisance or bark repeatedly, and they must be leashed and attended by their human at all times. Thank you for respecting these guidelines!

COVID-19 Social Contract

To protect each other during these COVID-19 times, we– the guests, visitors & staff of Morton’s Warm Springs– pledge & commit to the following. We will:

  • Monitor health. Proactively monitor our health and watch for COVID symptoms daily. Stay home (or go home) if we feel ill, have any symptom(s) associated with COVID-19, or if we have had any known exposure to COVID-19 within the last 14 days.
  • Communicate if unwell. Guests and Staff will notify Morton’s Management, if any COVID-19 symptoms or exposure occur (click here for a description of COVID-19 symptoms).Guests will not be penalized for canceling a reservation (or leaving early) due to illness, COVID-19 symptoms, or COVID-19 exposure. Staff will not be penalized for staying home or going home due to illness, COVID-19 symptoms, or COVID-19 exposure.
  • Distance and wear face coverings. Practice safe physical distancing of 6 feet or more with anyone not in our immediate household, and wear appropriate face coverings while in indoor spaces, while interacting with others, and whenever we are not able to maintain 6 feet physical distance with someone not in our immediate household.
  • Practice thorough personal hygiene. Frequently wash our hands (20 seconds with soap & water) and,  whenever possible, use hand sanitizers before and after touching shared objects or entering shared spaces.
  • Practice thorough cleaning. Morton’s staff will follow COVID-19 cleaning protocols (disinfecting with increased frequency) throughout the site especially in interior spaces and high traffic areas.
  • Together, we can keep the Springs open safely.

Cancellation Policy (STANDARD RESERVATIONS):

Plan ahead: Morton’s Warm Springs has outdoor facilities and cannot be responsible for inclement weather or air quality. If you anticipate potentially needing to cancel your reservation for these or other reasons, please do so within the below time windows.

Cancellation requests must be received by email only to and must include the following information:

  • Order #
  • Name on the order
  • Email address on the order
  • Phone number
  • Your cancellation request:
    • Which items do you request to cancel?
    • Do you want to reschedule now or later? If now, what new date & time would you prefer?
    • Are you requesting a refund? (see refund policy below)

Cancellation requests received before 9am the day before your scheduled reservation date will be honored with three options:

  1. Reschedule now to a different date (this season only)
  2. Reschedule later to a different date (this season only) by receiving a promo code with your refund credit loaded
  3. Receive a full refund back to your credit card*

*For refunds, additional fees added beyond the ticket price by our reservation software may be refunded fully, in part or not at all, depending on how long it’s been since the reservation was originally booked and whether it’s a partial or full refund.

Cancellation requests received between 9am the day before your scheduled reservation date and 9am on the day of your scheduled reservation date will be honored with two options: 

  1. Reschedule now to a different date (this season only)
  2. Reschedule later to a different date (this season only) by receiving a promo code with your refund credit loaded

Cancellation requests received after 9am on the day of your scheduled reservation date are considered no-shows and will be charged the full ticket price and no refunds or rescheduling will be offered.

MayOpening Day: May 2, 2021


Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays Only

Pool Hours: 10am to 5pm
(Site closes at 6pm)
June, July & AugustTuesday through SundayPool Hours: 10am to 5pm
(Site closes at 6pm)
SeptemberClosing Day: September 26, 2021


Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays Only

Pool Hours: 10am to 5pm
(Site closes at 6pm)
School & Youth Group Reservations: May through September (starting again in 2022). They may book dates during the week, Tuesday through Friday, even in May and September.