General Admission


Choose from 3 price tiers as a sliding scale based on your financial capacity and how close we are to meeting our costs. All tiers grant the same day use access…


$26.95 Price ($25.00 + $1.95 Fee*)

  • At this REPLENISH tier, you CONTRIBUTE TO BROADENING OUR ACCESSIBILITY TO FINANCIALLY DISADVANTAGED FOLKS by making below-cost BASE tier tickets possible.  We need to average $20 / person (not including fees) to cover our costs so thanks for using this tier to bring our average up. Our current average is $18.44 / person as of 7/12 so currently this tier is in under-use.


$21.72 Price ($20.00 + $1.72 Fee*)

  • At this SUSTAIN tier, our expenses are fully covered. MOST PEOPLE CHOOSE THIS TIER so we can save BASE tier tickets for those in most need. Please choose this tier or above if paying for anyone outside your immediate family.


$16.49 Price ($15.00 + $1.49 Fee*)

  • BASE tier is a BELOW-COST OPTION FOR FINANCIALLY DISADVANTAGED FOLKS and their immediate family only (not to pay for others) and its availability depends on REPLENISH tier contributions. We need to average $20 / person (not including fees) to cover our costs so THANKS FOR USING THIS TIER ONLY WHEN THE NEED IS STRONG. Our current average is $18.44 / person as of 7/12, so currently this tier is in over-use.

Ages 2 & under: FREE with a swim diaper (no reservation required)
All Parking

*The Fee covers the cost of the credit card fees and the reservation system.

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Photo: Rachael Hairston 2021


Many of you will be glad to know that after the success we all experienced with limited numbers in 2023, for the 2024 season we’re still committed to never being overcrowded. We want to continue to ensure peak swimmer numbers stay comfortable for as many people as possible!

Reservations are still required for every visit, even if you don’t plan to swim. Reservations are available here online on a first-come, first-served basis until fully booked. Reservations are not needed for infants and toddlers (2 years old & under) because they are always free of charge, provided that they have a swim diaper on while in the pool area at all times (swim diapers are available for sale at the gate and cafe if needed). We have limited spots for each day and we sell out many days ahead so lock in your time this summer at the Springs today!

Guest Policies:

  • Preparing For The Pools
    • A towel is NOT provided but if you forget yours, there are towels available for sale at the cafe
    • Bathing suits are required in the pools at all times
    • No street clothes or cut-offs allowed in our mineral pools (the detergents and fibers clog our filters and negatively impact the general ecology)
    • Sun protective clothing is encouraged such as hats, sun shirts & rash guards (ideally made of non-cotton “quick-dry” materials)
    • SUNSCREEN MUST BE ALLOWED TO DRY 15+ MINUTES before entering the water and please minimize the amount applied (ideally use none at all while swimming). This protects the water from getting cloudy and the filters from getting clogged.
    • No suntan oil or other skin products other than sunscreen (lotions, oils, etc.) allowed in the water
    • EVERYONE MUST SHOWER before entering our mineral pools each time throughout the day
    • NO FOOD, DRINKS OR GLASS are allowed (water only in non-glass containers)
    • INFANTS / CHILDREN AGED 2 & UNDER MUST WEAR SWIMMING DIAPERS (we have some available for purchase at the gate and at the cafe)
  • Gated Pool Area Rules
    • EVERY DAY 10am – 12pm IN THE DEEP POOL ONLY: Adult “swim” float time (active play only allowed in the family pool during this time)
    • All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or adult!
    • 0-5 YRS + NON-SWIMMERS: Adult/guardian within arms reach at all times
      6-10 YRS + WEAK SWIMMERS: Adult/guardian is close, prepared & maintaining visual contact at all times
      11-15 YRS: An adult must maintain visual contact
    • No running
    • No diving or flips (feet first jumps into the pool is only allowed from the blue ledge not the pool deck)
    • No water guns, aggressive behavior or water fighting of any kind
    • No sports balls (very soft balls are occasionally allowed during less busy times, at lifeguard discretion)
    • Only small personal flotation devices are allowed and only for safety or quiet floating (noodles & baby floats are ok but not to be used to strike the water or anything/anyone else). No large flotation tubes, rafts or other large inflatables (lifeguards must be able to see under the water for safety)
    • If you’re caring for someone who has special needs and who can’t swim, we encourage you to let a lifeguard know when they are in the pool area so we can join you in taking extra care keeping eyes on them.
  • Property Rules
    • NO SOUND SYSTEMS OF ANY KIND OR SIZE are allowed anywhere on property
    • No water balloons, piñatas, confetti or other items which create micro-trash allowed anywhere on property
    • No smoking anywhere on site except in the parking lot or outside the gate
    • Outside food, drinks and coolers are allowed outside the pool area.
    • We have lots of BBQs available and you will need to bring your own coals, lighter, lighter fluid, and grill tools. Personal charcoal BBQs from home are not allowed. Small personal propane grills are allowed if necessary but not preferred and please be fire safe with them.
    • Shade tents and pop-ups are allowed on the lawn and in the picnic areas that are less shaded by trees.
    • There are always picnic areas available that are not reserved by groups (usually for 20 or more people) and you are sure to find a good spot (and a BBQ if needed) if you come close to when we open at 10am and you are flexible. Only groups can reserve a specific area.

Dogs & Pet Policy:

Our furry, four-legged companions are indeed welcomed here at Morton’s! However, as per health code, dogs (or any pets or animals) are not allowed within the gated Pool Area, including emotional support, companion and therapy animals. Only guide dogs, signal dogs and service animals that are specifically trained to aid a disabled person are welcome within the gated Pool Area.

Also, all pets on property must never be left unattended in a vehicle, they must be immediately cleaned up after, they cannot be a nuisance to other guests or bark repeatedly, and they must be leashed and attended by their human at all times. Thank you for respecting these guidelines!

Cancellation Policy (GENERAL ADMISSION):

Plan ahead: Morton’s Warm Springs has outdoor facilities and cannot be responsible for inclement weather or air quality. If you anticipate potentially needing to cancel your reservation for these or other reasons, please do so within the below time windows.

Change your reservation date yourself: You can change your date yourself directly from your Order Confirmation Email (in the Order Summary section). Up until 9am the day before your reservation date, you may change the date of your reservation to another date during the season without even having to contact us.

Or you can contact us to cancel or change your date: Cancellation requests must be received by email only to and must include the following information:

  • Order #
  • Name on the order
  • Email address on the order
  • Phone number
  • Your cancellation request:
    • Which items do you request to cancel?
    • Do you want to reschedule now or later? If now, what new date & time would you prefer?
    • Are you requesting a refund? (see refund policy below)

Cancellation requests received before 9am the day before your scheduled reservation date will be honored with three options:

  1. Reschedule now to a different date (this season only)
  2. Reschedule later to a different date (this season only) by receiving a promo code with your refund credit loaded
  3. Receive a full refund back to your credit card*

*For refunds, additional fees added beyond the ticket price by our reservation software may be refunded fully, in part or not at all, depending on how long it’s been since the reservation was originally booked and whether it’s a partial or full refund.

Cancellation requests received between 9am the day before your scheduled reservation date and 9am on the day of your scheduled reservation date will be honored with two options: 

  1. Reschedule now to a different date (this season only)
  2. Reschedule later to a different date (this season only) by receiving a promo code with your refund credit loaded

Cancellation requests received after 9am on the day of your scheduled reservation date are considered no-shows and will be charged the full ticket price and no refunds or rescheduling will be offered.